{"id":"RDUUNC_46dbd7e0f4a3a82aeeef47630bd26d3d","dc:title":"Multifrequency study of HH 137 and HH 138: discovering new knots and molecular outflows with gemini and APEX","dc:creator":"G\u00fcnthardt, Guillermo","dc:date":"2020","dc:description":["We present reduced H2 and K near-infrared band images of HH 137, taken with the GSAOI+GeMS instrument of the Gemini South telescope. In addition, we provide submilimiter data in 12CO(3-2), 13CO(3-2), C18O(3-2), HCO+(3-2) and HCN(3-2) molecular lines of both HH 137 and HH 138, obtained with the SHeFI instrument of the Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment (APEX) telescope.","Presentamos im\u00e1genes reducidas de H2 y K en la banda del infrarrojo cercano del HH 137, tomadas con el instrumento GSAOI+GeMS del telescopio Gemini South. Adem\u00e1s, proporcionamos datos del submil\u00edmetro en las l\u00edneas moleculares 12CO(3-2), 13CO(3-2), C18O(3-2), HCO+(3-2) y HCN(3-2) tanto del HH 137 como del HH 138, obtenidos con el instrumento SHeFI del telescopio Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment (APEX)."],"dc:format":["application\/octet-stream"],"dc:language":["eng"],"dc:type":"dataset","dc:subject":["Interestellar medium","Jets and outflows","Herbig-Haro objects","Chorros y salidas","Los objetos Herbig-Har"],"dc:rights":["info:eu-repo\/semantics\/openAccess"],"dc:publisher":"Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society","dc:relation":["info:eu-repo\/semantics\/reference\/doi\/10.5281\/zenodo.3903751.svg"],"dc:identifier":"https:\/\/repositoriosdigitales.mincyt.gob.ar\/vufind\/Record\/RDUUNC_46dbd7e0f4a3a82aeeef47630bd26d3d"}